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Devopsbay is a team of highly specialized engineers with average work experience of 7 years and extensive knowledge in Python, Java/Scala and NodeJS. We know our way around container environments, Kubernetes applications, and machine learning software development. Based in Tricity, Gdansk Bay, our company has already launched over 100 digital products and helped numerous startups achieve their goals. Our commitment, knowledge and experience are just a part of our success. Effective work organization and culture based on the DevOps methodology are a key to our professionalism.

Our DevOps Mindset

Unsurprisingly, the simpler a project is, the less time it takes and the less error-prone it is. So why not reduce the complexity of advanced and challenging projects? Aligning production and operation teams with the DevOps methodology, which is derived from the agile system administration, reduces many bottlenecks that unnecessarily complicate work and increase development and deployment time.

The production environment, which is identical to the development department, improves communication and synchronizes work. Since there are no barriers to effective collaboration, it is easy to optimize both development and operation. By breaking down intricate projects into short tasks, complexity is reduced even further, allowing operation and development specialists to work hand-in-hand and focus on business goals to achieve better product delivery and profitability.


Our Principles

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best solutions

With a big company vision and a start-up mentality, we are constantly looking for fresh ideas to provide the best solutions to our customers.


no-bullshit policy

We believe in no-bullshit policy and openly discuss all issues and responsibilities.

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rule 3

people first

We consider our employees to be the most valuable asset with their unbeatable enthusiasm for learning and growing.

With these core values, we are ready to contribute and lead your career and company to success.

Our clients

It's all about the people

Michał Kułaczkowski
Michał Kułaczkowski
Chief Executive Officer
Andrzej Trznadel
Andrzej Trznadel
Chief Operating Officer
Paulina Recke
Paulina Recke
Head of HR & Recruitment
Kamil Borowski
Kamil Borowski
Head of Sales and Business Development
Bartosz Badurek
Bartosz Badurek
Head of Marketing

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