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No matter whether you are looking for a key to the global market of almost 5 billion Internet users or you need a personalized solution to support your staff and increase your company’s performance, at Devopsbay, we are ready to work on app development of any complexity!

Why is this solution best for you?


Custom application development

The business goals of your project are our priority. We maintain effective interpersonal communication between our clients and our team. We do it through maximum automation and orchestration, detailed measurements of the deployment process, bottleneck identification and process optimization.


Robust performance

The DevOps philosophy we have adopted helps us to create maximum functionality with reduced complexity within a shorter time. More rapid delivery and easier deployment of an infrastructure featuring maximum automation significantly reduce the costs of the initial investment. Meanwhile, do in the future.


Personalized security level

At Devopsbay, building complex infrastructures using the most effective solutions is our specialization. We have been continuously enhancing our development strategy while completing numerous projects on building and maintaining infrastructures for large enterprises. Working with an experienced team of DevOps is the right choice for a smooth release of your infrastructure with minimal costs.


Avoiding vendor lock-in

We prefer frequent updates and feature delivery conducted according to the DevOps principles. It helps us to optimize testing, perform faster and smoother modifications and reduce the probability of errors. We put a lot of emphasis on automation in the infrastructures we build. As a result, deploying the systems we deliver requires less time and effort.


Rapid launch with ready-to-use templates

If time is your priority, you can select from our ready-made solutions for fast application implementation. Not every project requires reinvention and building from scratch. Together, we will consider the best option for you, while you still be able to enjoy customization if needed.

What problems does App Development help to solve?


No vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in is one of the major downsides of the otherwise powerful cloud technology. Although we at Devopsbay do our best to provide you with high-quality services, we do not treat our customers like property and respect their right to switch service providers. To guarantee you such flexibility, we apply necessary development techniques such as loose coupling, separating business logic from application logic, maximizing data portability as well as isolating dependencies and software from the cloud environment.


Gain control over your data

Losing control over your data when it is passed to a new team or transferred to a cloud application is a nightmare for many business owners. At Devopsbay, we take any possible measures to protect your data while we are working on your project and integrating your information with a new app by multiple tools including advanced identity and authentication factors, encryption for data in motion and at rest and access control.


Secure and stable product

Regardless of the target user group, purpose of your application and dynamics of its growth, it is expected to be stable and secure under an increasing load. We understand that software cannot fulfill its goal without resistance to the changes in the digital and hardware environment. Our expertise allows us to build software featuring efficient performance and security while keeping our products scalable. No matter how large your business is now, we will make sure your app will be meeting its requirements in the future.


Data breach protection

Placing trust in a third party is always a difficult decision and sharing confidential data with a software development agency is not an exception. At Devopsbay, we have successfully implemented effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions for monitoring and manipulating data transfer, deployed secure collaboration tools,implemented cyber security products with Zero-Day support and limited usage of removable devices to ensure data safety and avoid reputational damage.


Why us?

Our extensive experience in development gained by the successful launch of over a hundred powerful applications, adopting the DevOps practices and Agile methodology as well as a passion for learning and improvement has given us a competitive edge over other software houses. Our effective solutions and personal approach to our clients help us to deliver excellent quality on time and within a budget.

We are a team of professional DevOps fluent in Kubernetes and working with the largest IT companies such as DataRobot, Blizzard and Paperspace ready to:
help you to transform your idea into a project and ready-to-use application
optimize your product’s performance, scalability and security
provide you with assistance in application design, development, launch and maintenance
allow you to make the most of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud-native solutions, microservice architecture and machine learning algorithms
treat you with a personalized approach to build an application tailored to your requirements, whether you need rapid deployment of standard software based on a template or are looking for a custom product with unique functionality.
Mateusz, Solution Architect

Our employees about app development

We are a team of experienced Devopsbay developers and project leaders who successfully use the knowledge gained from previous and ongoing projects to optimize our development strategies even more and supply our customers with cost-effective solutions complying with their requirements. We have integrated development with operations to minimize production gaps and streamline delivery.
Mateusz, Solution Architect
Mateusz, Solution Architect

At Devopsbay...

...we are excited to embrace the best of new technologies and keen on realizing innovative projects without reinventing the wheel.


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