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Infrastructure Development

Embrace the cloud solutions by choosing Infrastructure as
a Service
and DevOps as a Service at Devopsbay.

Meet your new infrastructure

Infrastructure is the heart of your business in the digital realm and all other processes will depend on its health. No matter what technology you prefer, on-premise or cloud-based, the DevOps approach will provide you with the most cost-effective solution. Make a smooth transition to the cloud with a state-of-the-art image build infrastructure to empower more applications. Leverage robust auto-scaling and dynamic scheduling of your infrastructure for effective resource management on leading cloud platforms like Azure, AWS or GCP.

What problems does Infrastructure Development help to solve?


Automated infrastructure

Deploy automation to reach the full potential of your infrastructure without increasing its complexity and generating additional expenses. Standardize compliance policies, optimize workflows and enhance user experience, saving valuable time for your team to work on more engaging tasks rather than wasting resources on repetitive manual activities and let Devopsbay manage several automation processes with powerful orchestration.


Reliable services

Rest assured your data, critical assets and systems are effectively secured by experienced developers regardless of your decision to go for a cloud-based infrastructure or keep an on-premise solution. We value the freedom of choice of our customers and do not inflict vendor lock-in on them. Thus, while you can count on complex assistance during your cooperation with Devopsbay, you will still have independence from our development team.


Stable performance

Gain the desired flexibility of scaling your infrastructure by tailoring it to the current business needs and avoiding performance disruptions with a smart automatic resource scheduler. Minimize personnel intervention in infrastructure deployment and maintenance with high automation to avoid vulnerabilities caused by human errors. Choose the solutions that will support flawless performance regardless of the load and prevent disruptions in critical processes.


Cutting-edge technology

Our solutions for considerable infrastructure enhancement can significantly boost the performance of your software and your entire team. The approach to infrastructure development and optimization we have adopted at Devopsbay can reduce your computing costs by up to 80% even for such highly resource-consuming projects as deep learning research. Enjoy high ROI and gain even more resources to bring your project to the next level!


Why us?

Effective operationalization

The business goals of your project are our priority. We maintain effective interpersonal communication between our clients and our team. It allows us to understand the project's needs better.

We use the most efficient strategies to meet your requirements and deliver the infrastructure faster. We do it through maximum automation and orchestration, detailed measurements of the deployment process, bottleneck identification and process optimization.

Ease of deployment

We prefer frequent updates and feature delivery conducted according to the DevOps principles. It helps us to optimize testing, perform faster and smoother modifications and reduce the probability of errors.

We put a lot of emphasis on automation in the infrastructures we build. As a result, deploying the systems we deliver requires less time and effort.

Cost savings

The DevOps philosophy we have adopted helps us to create maximum functionality with reduced complexity within a shortertime.

Meanwhile, great performance stability and resource utilization will help you to save a lot of money in the future.

Professionalism backed by experience

We have been continuously enhancing our development strategy while completing numerous projects on building and maintaining infrastructures for large enterprises.

Working with an experienced team of DevOps is the right choice for a smooth release of your infrastructure with minimal costs.

Mateusz, Solution Architect

Our employees about infrastructure development

Your Devopsbay team is supervised by an experienced tech lead dedicated to your project, open and transparent about all of its actions, ready to communicate and cooperate with you, committed to providing you with the most profitable solutions.
Mateusz, Solution Architect
Mateusz, Solution Architect

Interested about develop infrastructure for your business?

Your Devopsbay team is supervised by an experienced tech lead dedicated to your project, open and transparent about all of its actions, ready to communicate and cooperate with you, committed to providing you with the most profitable solutions.


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