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Embark on a cloud journey

Whenever you use an online application and tap into the shared data and processing resources, you deal with a cloud product

It can be any type of web software including a data storage service and an advanced platform filled with tools for development. Still, we can distinguish three major cloud product categories: Software as a Service (SaaS) - covers a range of online software applications of different complexity, Platform as a Service (PaaS) - supplies users with powerful resources, frameworks and tools designed for application development and deployment, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - offers online access to an entire infrastructure with data storage, development platforms and applications. Depending on the hosting organization, cloud services can be private, public and hybrid.

Why is this solution best for you?


secure your organization

use cloud protection and save your data from accidental loss


stable and scalable software

sufficient resources will ensure your software can handle an increased load


increase competitiveness

get direct access to state-of-the-art technologies


a more cost-effective IT model

the fewer resources you consume and users your organization has, the less you will have to pay for cloud services


to create a remote workplace

ease of web implementation, access to the necessary resources and support of different types of devices simplify workforce distribution

What problems does DevOps help to solve?


Improved scalability

no under- and overprovision of resources due to dynamic resource scaling


High reliability

sufficient resources and advanced technologies make cloud applications stable and reliable


Optimized cost management

a pay-per-use model and complex support reduces licensing and maintenance costs, while the reliability of applications helps to avoid expensive downtime


State-of-the-art security

cloud software provider ensures maximum safety and offers efficient disaster recovery tools


Why us?

There are unlimited possibilities for cloud computing. Virtually any IT product can be enhanced by cloud architecture. For instance, both small companies and large international corporations can benefit from cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) systems that will provide each staff member with the same software version and unified enterprise data. Organizations can also rely on cloud data storage.

Another example is a software house that can enhance its work due to an IaaS and PaaS without costs for establishing and maintaining an entire infrastructure and annual licensing payments.
We are constantly broadening our knowledge about innovation in cloud computing and have mastered microservices and Kubernetes.
Our broad competencies in machine learning also allow us to work on cloud-based AI products.
We know how to deal with diverse projects and apply the best principles of DevOps to ensure the final product will help you achieve your business goals.
We use the DevOps approach to all forms of development we offer and prioritize your business goals.
Your product evolution at Devopsbay


Identifying the project’s goals, requirements and scope, assessing the current state of the existing digital systems, planning resources and creating a roadmap

Design and development

Complex creation and configuration of the cloud product

Testing and deployment

alidation of the security, stability and reliability of newly developed software and its rollout

After-go-live maintenance

Comprehensive support for cloud software including troubleshooting, optimization and updating
Damian, Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Our employees about Cloud

Devopsbay is a team of skilled and experienced professionals equipped with the knowledge of the most cutting-edge technologies. Cloud computing is one of our favorite domains. Due to our fluency in microservices and Kubernetes, we helped dozens of companies to benefit from the fantastic capabilities of cloud architecture. We are also passionate about AI and know how to add the power of digital intellect into any software, while our effective usage of the DevOps methodology allows our team to work particularly efficiently.
Damian, Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Damian, Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Migration to the cloud with Devopsbay

At Devopsbay, we see great potential in the ever-evolving cloud technology for organizations of various sizes. Unsure about cloud transformation? Cloud computing offers immense advantages, but your project may require a different approach. Devopsbay is ready to support you with solutions of traditional computing if needed. Our specialists have excellent knowledge of front-end and back-end development and can incorporate machine-learning technologies into a project of any type.

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