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The most cost-effective way using the maximum computing power

Solid building blocks for flexible development

Kubernetes is one of our most trusted companions in high-quality complex application creation and deployment. The possibilities of Google’s platform, that has been open-source since 2014, go beyond orchestration. K8s is an innovative tool for controlling automated processes. Rather than building a sequence of consecutive procedures, it separates them from each other and makes the results of one process independent from another.

Why is this solution best for you?

automated resource monitoring
scalability of pod number
CPU and memory adjustment
higher effectiveness
significant savings
no vendor lock-in
Kubernetes allows the tasks to be executed in the most cost-effective way using the maximum computing power. It has an optimal balance between the ready-to-use functionality of a PaaS and high customization significantly accelerating development and deployment and does not inflict limitations on IT projects. Moreover it supports various types of workloads and gives you the freedom to set CI/CD workflows exactly according to the needs of your project.

What problems does DevOps help to solve?


High expertise in K8s

While Kubernetes has a large and rich ecosystem empowering cost-effective development, to utilize its capacities, you need a team of expert developers. The qualifications and experience of your Kubernetes team will determine whether you will be able to use the maximum potential of the powerful technology or you will end up investing in ineffective and never-ending problem-solving.


Smooth process organization

The success of your projects depends on the effectiveness of the work organization. Our developers at Devopsbay pay particular attention to the alignment of development, operations and security using the DevOps approach and deploy Kubernetes best practices and consistent cluster management. Deep understanding of project requirements and business goals helps us to effectively keep your project within budget and deadlines.


Compliance with policy requirements

Successful production and deployment require working in alignment with Kubernetes' best practices, which is not possible without respective policies. That is why at Devopsbay, we also enforce efficiency, security and reliability policies to avoid deployment of misconfigurations. We take care of policy management during the entire process of work on your project including CI/CD and production steps.


Technological mastery

Rely on specialists in Kubernetes development to ensure your final product has the required functionality and dynamic performance with flexible resource scheduling for workloads and robust scalability. Get a reliable application with flawless monitoring and alerting systems and high automation of issue detection and policy enforcement and management. Make sure security is treated as a first-class citizen.


Proved solutions

At Devopsbay, we know how to deploy pods twice faster and save your time and money. Our Kubernetes team creates applications with 20% smaller CPU and memory consumption and uses autoscalers and Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) adjusted individually to the needs of each project we are working on. With the flexibility and efficiency in infrastructure as well as bandwidth management and control, you get an application and services available 24/7.

Why us?

We rely on the quality and capacities of Kubernetes, the system entrusted by a rapidly growing community of developers worldwide. Yet, quality depends on the organization of our work and the DevOps approach helps us to reach our full potential. As a result, you will enjoy accelerated delivery of a powerful, highly scalable, stable and secure product free from vendor lock-in and bringing you significant ROI.

Your product evolution at Devopsbay:
We start with a careful study of your business goals and expectations
We transform them into technical requirements, project guidelines and policies.
To maximize the effects of our work, we enforce operationalization and efficient communication delivering you a fully functioning product of excellent quality within time and budget.
Michał, CEO

Our employees about Kubernetes

We are a team of certified Kubernetes developers with extensive experience gained while working on complex projects. Our engineering qualifications, successful adoption of DevOps practices and openness to learning ever-improving technologies guarantee the quality of the applications and infrastructures we build.
Michał, CEO
Michał, CEO

Kubernetes and DevOps – combine your forces At Devopsbay

Let us help you with opening the digital world for your application with its cross-platform and multi-cloud possibilities.

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