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Remote work during times of crisis - effective tools to work from home

March 20th, 2020 by Michał Kułaczkowski
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For the next days, maybe weeks or even months we won’t be able to work normally. Unfortunately, if something is happening in the economy or now in the world, entrepreneurs are the first to feel it.

We have to stick together in those hard times. The current situation requires us all to work remotely. For the IT industry, this is the daily bread, but for other industries, it may be something new.

At Devopsbay part of our team works remotely all the time, in addition, we work with our clients from the USA and Europe. The following list shows the remote work tools that we use ourselves. Their knowledge will be useful not only now, but also in times after the “plague”

Online meetings - gives you the opportunity to connect online: audio calls, video, or even smooth screen sharing.

This kind of meeting, when we see the emotions of another person, when we look at one screen together, is much more effective than the best phone conversation. Why and not for example Skype?

The answer consists of several points:

  • great connection quality, even with a slow internet connection
  • option to invite to the meeting by sending a link
  • simple and free mobile application for iOS and Android
  • works from your car (Carplay)
  • easy organization of meetings for many people
  • ability to record the entire meeting

The application is free, although it has some restrictions:

  • no limits for two-person meetings
  • If you meet in a larger group (3+), the length of the meeting is limited to 40 minutes.

If this does not bother you, then go ahead and use the free version

Cooperation and information exchange - Slack

Slack is one of the leaders in the business messenger market. It allows teams to stay in touch.

Slack features:

  • sending messages
  • making voice and video calls
  • sharing screens between devices
  • uploading photos, small video files, or PDF files.

Slack’s biggest advantage over the competition is that it enables the user to belong to various workspaces where many channels and other subgroups can be created. Thanks to this, all our conversations will remain transparent, and we will never lose any thread.

When it comes to tools for remote work, especially teamwork, Slack is an absolute must-have.

Tasks and work organization - Trello

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