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SCRIB - AI Product Description generator from photo that you'll ever need

April 28th, 2023 by Bartosz Badurek
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What Is SCRIB?

Powered by the leading autoregressive language model GPT-3, SCRIB emerges amid booming e-commerce and ever-evolving Google ranking algorithms. The goal of this application is to meet the growing demand for intelligent assistance in mastering product descriptions. As simple as they may seem, these small texts require great writing skills and exceptional creativity from copywriters who often have to write dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of descriptions for different variations of the same product. Is it even possible to ensure that each product description is unique when such texts are written in large quantities?

At the same time, a product description is crucial for your sales. This short text can highlight the benefits of your product, help you build an emotional connection with your potential customer, make them understand your offer better, and persuade them to buy. In addition, a product description is an ideal place to use keywords and increase online visibility. SCRIB ensures your copy will work for your business. With its user-friendly interface, all you are asked to do is select parameters for your text such as keywords, language style, or description name, and add an image of your product. In no time, you will have an original description written in a coherent, natural language that will boost your sales.

Features and Functionality of SCRIB Description Generator

SCRIB is your new generation AI copywriting tool with the following key features.

Text generation solely based on an image

You do not need any copywriting skills to use SCRIB. Neither do you require any text templates to feed your text generator. SCRIB is designed to understand images and communicate processed information in a comprehensive and natural written form. SCRIB can extract the smallest details from an image and present them in an engaging and informative way. Not only will your customers enjoy the usability of SCRIB's product descriptions, but Google's algorithms will rank your online shop higher for clear, relevant content with natural-sounding, keyword-enriched sentences.

Multiple description languages

The team behind Scribe is building support for more and more languages. So far, the application can process input and generate text in languages such as German, French, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, and Czech, in addition to English. Note that you can use different languages for input and output.

Different language styles

Scribe is a text-generating tool that can change the language style depending on the needs of a specific retail business, such as the target audience, the general writing style used in your other content, and the product itself. If you want your potential customers to feel like they are talking to an expert, you can switch to the specialist style. Choose the casual style to make the description less stiff. If you are not sure which style is best, try the neutral style and remember that you do not have to commit to a single language style. For example, your description can be somewhere in the middle between neutral and specialist.

Type of description

Although the purpose of SCRIB is to create original, informative, and creative product descriptions that sound natural to your customers, this solution supports multiple types of texts.


Using SCRIB, you can create product descriptions for ads that target specific platforms, such as Google or Facebook. You can also create engaging social posts to build relationships with your potential customers and introduce your product to the right group.

Social media

SCRIB will help you leverage YouTube for your business. Based on your product, the application can generate effective and interesting video topic ideas to create content for your YouTube channel. SCRIB will also help you to generate optimized descriptions for your YouTube videos.


SCRIB can take complex care of e-commerce projects. In addition to short product descriptions, you can also create comprehensive product reviews for your online shop. Moreover, you can also count on SCRIB's help when it comes to writing customer review responses, website headlines, or copy.

E-commerce - Blog

SCRIB can create complete blog posts based on your product image. The tool will assist you in creating different parts of your post, including the introduction, the outline, and the conclusion. Do not worry if you do not know what to write about at all - SCRIB is always full of non-trivial ideas for your blog content.

Marketplace - Amazon

SCRIB allows you to adjust your product descriptions to meet the requirements of particular marketplaces. Get complex assistance in creating a working product description to post on Amazon, including the title for your product and its bullet points. Furthermore, you can generate an effective headline for your Amazon ad.

Marketplace - Shopify

Shopify is another marketplace powered by SCRIB. Similar to the functionality available on Amazon, SCRIB is equipped with features allowing you to quickly create a complete product description according to Shopify standards. The application creates a product title, bullet points and helps you find a suitable headline for your ads.


Using keywords in a product description naturally while keeping the text informative is not an easy task, especially when the keywords are based on modified forms of common expressions. SCRIB ensures that your product descriptions still appear natural to the reader, who will hardly recognize the words used for SEO purposes. No matter how unusual a keyword seems to be, you no longer have to resign from it because SCRIB can find a way to incorporate it into your copy.

Additional functions

SCRIB comes with even more features to polish your product descriptions and help you increase sales and sale valuable money. For instance, the application can add more information about your product and brand if needed. In addition to the standard text, your product description, blog post or ad can also include the history of the brand as well as the story of a product. To add such a part to your copy, you just need to select the brand or product history on the interface, and within a few seconds, you can create almost a thousand symbols without spaces. Moreover, you can make a description even richer by adding information about the technologies used to manufacture your product, as well as the technologies that may be used for your product. For such a simple product as a ceramic mug, for example, the application will write a whole range of useful information, from how the cup was manufactured, to the technology applied to achieve the particular look of this product, as well as the way it should be used and kept clean. SCRIB also allows you to work with labels. Furthermore, to optimize your descriptions for search engines, you can automatically add SEO tags to your texts. Finally, you can even use SCRIB for logo recognition. Equipped with powerful features and high performance, SCRIB can become your company's number-one assistant.

Brand description

If you need an effective brand description to help you promote your business online and spark interest in your potential customers, you can fully rely on SCRIB. Just like with product descriptions, you can choose one of the three writing styles supported by SCRIB, such as casual, neutral, and specialist or mix more definitive language styles with the neutral tone. SCRIB also gives you the option to add keywords that will be used for copywriting and added to the text in the most natural way possible. With SCRIB, you do not have to decide between efficient search engine optimization and readability. SCRIB also allows you to select description types for texts about brands. Select from several options based on the current needs of your online store.

Level Up Your Business with SCRIB

If you have come this far to read about SCRIB, it most likely means that you really require help with your copies. SCRIB is ready to provide it to you instantly and for free. Create an account and use AI to develop your brand!

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